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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

August 30, 2009


There are some sentences below which most of them are given from the holy Quran & also Hadiths by Prophet Muhammad & Imam (Pbuh) & they are about harnessing Satan.

So I think they are some simple & also golden rules which can help us in life specially in Ramadan month, so just want to share them with you.

1.Anger is Satan`s horse, control it in order, not to be defeated.

2.Saying prayers means seeking God`s mercy to avoid satan`s captivity so don`t forget this.

3.Remember God to be neglected by Satan.

4.Be careful about dawn & sunset for Satan tries to deceive people in these times.

5.Some sins only destroy the hereafter, but jealousy destroy both this world and the hereafter.

6.Don`t believe that someone tells the truth when he take an oath because Satan took an oath for Adam.

7.Jealousy shed the first innocent`s blood so don`t be Jealous.

8.Control your tounge for it kills your heart and don`t be deceived by Satan for he makes you sin.

9.Satan`s gift is sadness in this world and torment in the hereafter.

10.Disgrace Satan by fasting, it will make him embarrased.

11.Satan`s glory will be crushed and he will become fragile by alms giving.

12.Long prostration in prayers annoy satan because his misery started by not prostrating.*

13.Start your food by saying " In the name of God " to repel Satan.

14.Say hello to others to shed Satan`s tear.

15.Pride is Satan jewelry so avoid Satan`s decoration.


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View all entries from Rene`s blog >

03:44 PM Sep 18 2011


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

u ro sooooo true

I~m a smart girl


try to do so ;p

09:49 PM Sep 17 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

don t worry

you are a clever girl, able to learn a lot

Laughingso you will learn to dance too.  Laughing

07:30 AM Sep 15 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

For some people, rain is awful,

because always it s raining at the wrong time.

For many human rain is necessary, because rain means  L I F E  .

Water always brings life to human,

pure water,

water for plants or animals

drinking water, without water, we will die soon

So, let s be happy when we have some rain

not too much , like in Pakistan at these days

The very best

when we can dance   in the rain


will you come and dance with me ??

06:51 AM Sep 13 2011

Saenger D

Saenger D

enjoy music, where ever you are, dear Rene

best wishes from Germany...............daddy JO

12:52 AM Aug 20 2011



Salam my dear sister Reyhaneh ...
have a blessed Lailatul Qadr

11:34 AM Sep 27 2009

United Arab Emirates

Peace be with you,

First ALLAH protect us on this main way
Satan coming by many ways , So evryone has solutions.
I think the best way ,we should always think to future
it means always remember death.
this way will ravaging passions and we can harnessing Satan.
However these sentences very good , there are many good methods.
Ask ALLAH protect you under his shadow sister