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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

January 27, 2010

Hi dear friends, One of my close friends sent me this nice note & I wanna share it with you:

It`s amazing when strangers become friends, but its sad when friends become strangers. I never want to lose u as a friend!

I met u as a strangers...

Now I have u as a friend.

I hope we meet in our next walk of life where friendship never ends.

I may not be the most important person in ur life, I just hope when u hear my name  smile & say

" Thats My Friend "

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View all entries from Rene`s blog >

12:48 PM Jul 15 2010


United Arab Emirates

really nice words Smile

05:58 AM Feb 17 2010



He\She write what I'm feeling

Yeah viona " the distance it doesn't really matter anymore "

Allah bless you dear friends

10:01 PM Feb 16 2010

viona helena


someone said "Reyhaneh" yesterday. And I asked? Who is she? Undecided

(Hahaha no no only joke,dear! Wink)

Reyhaneh, yeah she's my Iranian friend who gave me cutie red flower and white garbera yesterday Laughing. How can i forget you girl?

You are far far away from me. But every time i turn on my PC or my mobile.

The distance it doesn't really matter anymore, right?

Feels so close as you are here beside me Smile

(oh my God, i become so wise again! 79 years old effect Laughing Hahahhaa Tongue out)


02:51 PM Feb 06 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

thanx dear Mahsa for all ur kind words, u make me ashamed, I think it`s ur favoe dear sis.

I try to be honest with my friends & care about them from bottom of my heart so all of you " Mahsa, Haleh, Fadilah, Meshary, Johannes, Viona, Mohadeseh, Mostafa, lana, sina & other dear friends" are precious for me & I`m thankful toward Allah for having such a nice friends.

* May Allah bless all of you *

11:36 PM Feb 03 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

God bless you.

Without any doubt you bring me smile face, so you obtained your goal.

I know you have smiley face with full of energy.

I am honest with you, you are really good friend dear Reyhaneh.

And I am realy happy to be with you.

I never think that I become regretful one day.

Sorry if I don't be a good friend for you.

Thank for  being my friend.


02:06 PM Jan 29 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi Jo*

thanx for ur nice comment, absolutely I love that poem & I know "sohrab sepehri" coz he is a Persian poet ;p

I bought one of his book last year as a birthday giftf for my younger sis ;p

& this beautiful flower is for you & my other nice friend ^^

10:11 AM Jan 28 2010



I saw a very nice and great poem in a friends profile.

Believe, you will love it Reyhaneh

it s suit s to you , do you agree?


poem of Sohrab Sepehri in english

?where is the friend's house

asked the horseman just at dawn.
The Heavens paused

A way farer took the bright branch from his lips
Conferred it on the darkness of the sands

Pointed with his finger to a poplar tree and said:
Just before that tree

There is a garden path greener than God's dreams
In it there is love as wide as the blue wings of true friendship

You go on to the end of the path that takes up again
Just beyond maturity

Then turn toward the flower of loneliness
Two steps before the flower
Stop at the eternal fountain of earthly myth

There a transparent terror will seize you
And in the sincerity of the streaming heavens
You will hear a rustling
High up a pine tree
You will see a child
Who will lift a chick out of a nest of light
Ask him
'where is the friend's house'

 may GOD  bless you  Reyhaneh

and that girl, I have stolen this poem from.

Im sure ,she will forgive me, because she is

a close friend too. Merci.......F.........h