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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

March 16, 2010


A warm hello to all my friends ;D

 Iranian New year is coming up, so wanna tell my Iranians friends & also everyone who celebrates this great event

* Happy new year *

I post some pics which we set on Haft seen table in my photos but My own Haft seen isn`t ready yet ;p

You can read more about Haft seen & how each & every iteam is symbolizing a specific  meaning.

Also u can read more about Iranian new year "Nowruz"

Have a great Year dear friends & wish all of u the best.

سال نو مبارک و امیدوارم که سال خوب و خوشی برای همتون باشه

و هیچوقت لبخند رو فراموش نکنید



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View all entries from Rene`s blog >

04:00 AM May 13 2010

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

سلم خيلي جالب كه با شماها  باشم

02:55 PM Mar 19 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Heyyyy Jo how can I ever forget u dear friend?

There is  a long story about our family ( includes me , Dianne, Meshary, Viona, Hilal ) & will tell about it by a mail to u ;p

so don`t worry coz u r always in my mind & heart too ;D

May Allah bless all of u dear friends*

10:08 AM Mar 19 2010



heyyy, Rene

and what s about me??????

Am I out of your brain and your heart??

feel soooo  embarressed Embarassed and start Cry

I really deserver that???

03:37 PM Mar 18 2010


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi dear Mommy ;D

Thanx for readin` my blog & also links ;p

Now how`s ur feeling about ur little girl new year?

I wanna enjoy my time so all of u my dear family (u, meshary,Hilal,Viona) will be in my heart & mind (^_^)

10:03 AM Mar 17 2010


United States

I just read this, this is celebration time. I went to link and read too. This is so nice.