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United Kingdom

October 27, 2007

A lot of people use the terms "bespoke" and "made-to-measure" interchangeably. They are mistaken.

'Bespoke' is actually a term which dates from the 17th century, when tailors held the full lengths of cloth in their premises. 

 When a customer chose a length of material, it was said to have “been spoken for”. Hence a tailor who makes your clothes individually, to your specific personal requirements, is called "bespoke". This is unlike “made-to-measure”, which simply uses a basic, pre-existing template pattern, which is then adjusted to roughly your individual measurements. 

The cloth is chosen from the full range available today, and also which type of style and fit would be most suitable for you.

Clothes are then to have all the hallmarks you would expect from true bespoke tailoring: More than 20 measurements and figuration details are taken from the customer. Then a personal pattern will be hand-drafted and cut from scratch- not the basic, adjusted template pattern, as used by so many other tailors these days.

Using your pattern, the cloth is then cut and trimmed, along with the finest linings and silks available. A single tailor is then given the parts of the garment to sew together, from the earliest fitting stages, to the final, complete suit. Each suit is completely hand-made, even down to the button holes.

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View all entries from My rhyme_reason Blog >

07:18 AM Jan 05 2008



 you are really a grate person,

12:42 AM Dec 07 2007


 Hi, rhme reason. Thank you for your accepting my invatation, as friend.

When I have read the article, I have a question as follow:

Bespoke is  good tailor who can make clothes individually as the custermsers requiries.


Waiting your reply!

 Thank you and best regards!




10:51 AM Nov 26 2007

Urszula W

Urszula W

clothes specially made  to a customer`s measurements