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United Kingdom

October 2, 2007

to break out

to chill out

to clean out

to come out (to some event)

to be cut out for (something)

to figure out

to find out

to get out of

to go out

to leave out

to look out

to move out

to peer out

to point out

to be put out

to put out

to run out of

to stand out

to turn out (=to turn off)

to turn out (to/for an event)

to watch out

to wipe out

to work out

to be worn out

The Night Out

“I am not cut out for this,” he complained loudly, tightening his tie around his collar as he came through the doorway. “I really resent this fancy dress-up stuff. I don’t want to go out.
Look out
,” his wife cried, “you just stepped on the peas the baby spilled at dinner.”
    “See,” he whispered, carefully wiping his shoe, “I told you it wouldn’t
work out, bringing in that niece of yours as a babysitter.  Now how are we going to get out of this one?  Your sister will be really put out
if we don’t ask her girl back again.”
    “I know, I know,” she muttered.  “But if she
finds out we aren’t going to ask her back, I’m in a lot of trouble,” she said as she turned out
the kitchen light and stepped onto the porch.
    “All we can hope for is that she meets somebody to share a house with and
moves out
,” he said as he opened the car door.
    “You know her mother would be only too glad to
clean out her basement and put in a suite for her, though.  If she could work it out financially,” she reminded him as the car backed out
of the garage.
    “If it’s cheaper, knowing your sister, I’m sure she’ll
figure out
a way,” he added.
Watch out
!” she yelled.  But it was too late, the tricycle wheel lay flattened in the driveway.
    “Okay, so now you’ve
wiped out twice this evening,” she sighed. “Soon we will run out
of riding toys, and then what?”
    “And who, may I ask,
left it out?” he said, “ I’m going to point out again that I’m not up to this tonight.   I’m just too worn out
    “But they would all be so disappointed if you didn’t
come out to this with me, you know that, dear” she pouted as she slipped a lipstick out of her purse.  “If we want to stand out in this crowd, we have to attend regularly and support them.  They expect everyone to turn out
    Makeup adjusted, she peered
the window and realized they were back in the garage. “What...?”
    “Will you just
chill out,” he said, “and please stay put.  I’ll just be a sec.  I forgot to let the cat out
, and you know she isn't box-trained yet.” He slammed the car door.
    “Oh,” she fretted, looking in the mirror again, “my lips have
broken out.” Then she looked at her watch again, and moaned, “By the time we get out of here all the action will be over.  And all I wanted was a nice night out.”

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