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January 16, 2008

The daily habit that plan of 1st lies in after morning , body's goodness and badness and everybody get out of bed in the morning is vitally interrelated.

A , the habit taking a bath for in the morning being Chinese easy to be accustomed to inspecting fault like taking a bath for in the morning, taking a bath for in the morning helps urge blood circulation especially exuberantly to cycle but indeed , moreover clean feeling the fragrance composing in reply bath liquid being able to adjust state of mind per se right away, makes a spirit especially full.

B, is to be fond of being accustomed to the fact that this is easy to be accustomed once forming , you are able to benefit all self's life greatly in the morning. Be accustomed to being going to feel anxious , need to make great efforts to go and cultivate neither if having no this yet, for instance , eating high fibre food much, if coarse food grain such as Chinese cabbage , sweet potato, get up moreover on the morning disregarding the queen if having the meeting going to go to the oblique tones institute , being accustomed as time passes, become natural.

C, gets up slowly in the morning is to be fond of being accustomed to the fact that getting up suddenly and forcibly all is under the pressure of the circumstances , does not get up suddenly and forcibly to the full, this meeting uses blood symptoms such as upward, changing , arousing dizziness abruptly according to bringing about blood pressure. Comparatively good method of work is not to leaving first after opening one's eyes , to lie on a bed exercising once four limbs and the head , to get up again after 5 minutes. If you have question, not bad shut consider in a certain aspect make a few stretching the action pulling the four limbs , may help come round very much. For example: The retinue knee is bent up respectively exerting all self's power to break off to body another one side; Use both hands a knee to be carried in breast maintaining 10 seconds in the chest; Upturned face is lying , both hands is holding out straight as backward as possible, with nose air-breathing , with mouth breath, the body maintains 5 seconds not moving.

D, Drinking a cup of cold boiled water is sleep easy to be accustomed to one night passing after comes to, shooting not having a drop of water person is very easy to enter, dehydration, but a cup of cold boiled water (be not ice water) is beneficial complement then; This also plays have arrived at check up role to belly; Can clear a mouth , helping you to come round from sleep in state over. Can readjust oneself to a certain extent lately just before sleep with a cup of cold water in the head of a bed before one.


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