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January 16, 2008

1, keeps hygiene , cuts down vagina infection should wash hand clean when consoling self, the nail does not stay growing very much, to avoid infection. Enter a vagina if being going a finger to be held up , not also having forgot getting the upper ring of finger down first. 

2, private matters one wants to hide and safety look for dense lieu private interests best , be self room , bathroom etc. for instance, switching mobile telephone and telephone, avoid being disturbed by person or run across, the nervous conservative people asks natural disposition to pay attention to especially, to avoid leaving mentality shadow. ...

3, is brought about nature fantasy , consoling self experiencing a lot of female of promotion seeing the naked vigorous male elder brother is not able to have a sexual desire, but novel shorter leg is had to itch in the heart but unable to scratch it by meeting romance; To the female who feels crime , does not dare go and think of , without the knowledge of how to get to work consoling self,that the characters using love to pack erotic describes the romance novel, is good nature fantasy material , why natural disposition interlocks the conservative female again , guides the confidential garden consoling self , leads to also easy to accept a romance! ...

4, should avoid the concentrated field consoling self or stimulate the clitoris female friend if the long range consoles self at present often or the pad is stimulated a clitoris by nature companion, is gradually loose be in the cards meeting urge a clitoris , rubs once accepting briefs or the bicycle cushion, is with intruding into easy to suffer virus , parasite , bacterium and other microorganism , arouses pain such as bleeding , festering symptom, then, affect to nature life happiness , be careful about therefore be obliged to cautiously. . .

Being needing to appeal for especially, has any discomfort to produce lesion even if discovering a clitoris , clitoris pain , problems such as clitoris tumour , clitoris redundant prepuce and cold feeling of clitoris for instance , by no means, the essential factor is shy , feels embarrassed but not getting rid of the best opportunity having gone to a doctor , staying to treat! ...


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