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February 16, 2008

After saying good-bye to several adjustment in trading day, speaking and suggesting dropping interests once again by gram of the south of the uncle, President of American Federal Reserve Committee influences, RMB cash the intermediate price of the exchange rate of U.S. dollar and go up by a wide margin yesterday, tops 7.18 passes, hit and gather together the new peak since changing once again by 7.1763.

RMB it cashes U.S. dollars to be 7.1763 in intermediate price 15, new peak of the intermediate price since earn foreign exchange, make a change, the above culmination is 7.1846 yuan of February 5. Since this too entered 2008, the 14th new peak that the intermediate price of the the exchange rate for RMB against U.S. dollar will be created. So far, RMB are cashed the appreciation range from the beginning of this year of U.S. dollar has already been up to 1.79%, it is up to 13.01% to gather together the amount of the increase since changing.

156156In will express to WeiYuan of bank of United States Senate while publishing testimonies on U.S.A.'s economic and financial market situation the 14th of this month at local time such as the south such as Burke such as President such as American Federal Reserve Committee, the down risk exists and go through a " slow rise period " at present in U.S.A.'s economy, if is necessary, WeiYuan of open market of American Federal Reserve Committee will take action to support U.S.A.'s economic growth in time, and offer enough guarantee for it by evading the down risk.

Market personage think Burke speech of the south imply American Federal Reserve Committee will continue, take, drop interests measure come on, provide protection for U.S.A.'s economy future. This one expects to make the international foreign currency market U.S. dollar cash other currency and drop completely, thus promote the the exchange rate for RMB against U.S. dollar to create the new peak. In order to prevent the economic recession from taking place, American Federal Reserve Committee has already dropped interests for the 5th time in succession since last September, the horizontal total of the interest rate has dropped by 2.25 percentage points

Except the factor of U.S. dollar, numerous analysts think, the economic data support main factors that RMB create the new peak in January when the People's Bank of China announces recently too at the same time.

The data that Central Bank released the day before yesterday reveal, the newly-gained loan tops 800 billion yuan at one blow in January of this year, hit supreme record of monthly newly-increased loan value since counting. Still loose monetary supply makes markets guess one after another, Central Bank, in order to further raise the efforts that capital reserve rate strengthens the mobile recovery.

A foreign capitals bank stays the deal maker in Shanghai points out, recent RMB tendency is obviously relaxed, the adjustment for some time, in addition, is this time spoken by gram of the south of the uncle and encouraged, tendency that the expected heavy exhibition soared fast recently

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