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May 15, 2008

       lucky three dotey
the sun come out have moon gone home ?
the   star come out  where  will sun go ?
in the sky!
can not i find i t?
it went home!
The sun stars the moon are a lucky family!
The leaf is green  When to bloom?
Have waited for summer!
Flowers are red Can the fruit go to pluck? 
Wait for autumn to arrive!
The fruit is planted in the soil  Sprout, OK?
 she will grow up!
The leaf fruit of flowers is a lucky family!
father looks like the sun  shines mother!
then how about mother?
Mother looks like green leaves  are holding safflower
how abou me?
You are sprouting like seed!
We three are a family having good luck!



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View all entries from My Top Blog >

07:49 AM May 19 2008

Viet Nam

I like this poem. Kiss