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February 17, 2008

I'm Christian but

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03:55 PM Jul 25 2009


emo style.. :S = ricky style

05:32 AM Jul 07 2009


Saudi Arabia

thanks rika god bless you

you are so good person , honest , kind , smart  and friendly , you are great man :)

thank you so much i really liked your blog

07:02 AM Apr 10 2009


Saudi Arabia

pretty good

may Allah bless you brother...

04:16 AM Apr 10 2009


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

ilove islam thank u very mutch for this and allah help u

07:17 AM Apr 09 2009

Iran, Islamic Republic Of


good article , God keep you.

hope to be good friends

02:28 PM Apr 07 2009

in his name almighty
Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh brother u r 100% right...some parts of ur writing was going to make me cry...thank God there is still people like u who have clean hearts and minds...try to stay like this...i like ur way of thinking and writing. 

01:04 PM Mar 24 2009



very beautiful thougts :)

i very like your write:)

07:20 PM Mar 19 2009


hi man how are you?

just to tell you what a beautiful viedeo about gaza do you have?? it's sad but it tells about the war situation and the consecuences from the biggest stupidity of the mankind... but iyf you want to see a happier video than this one, you can search in you tube (playing for a change)...

just seek for it!!

12:42 AM Mar 17 2009

taj mahal

taj mahal
Saudi Arabia

 when you look to islam history you will find ....that it have one goal and that is..to invite pepole in the one god (( allah )) as you christians saya  the (( father )) and to warning those who make others gods with him so they send the messages and they had traveld to the world to send this message but many of the unbellevers they refused this message so they star wars agianst thim and muslims had fought thim and they win ....

and if you look to the islamic history you will find all the wars that muslims had fight it against the unbellevers the muslims army were alaways less than the unbeelevers they were alaways less than the unbellevers but the faith in the muslims in (( allah )) had make thim stronger ....

the goal of islam is not to kill the pepole with the sowrd so they come to islam .....

nooo dude not like what some of christian has say that islam had spread cause of sword nooo it was not

cause islam goal is to remind all the pepol in this earth that there is no god but allah and jesus was his messenger and not his son..... 

so now all the pepole in this world had know about this message .... some had fowlow it and some are not but in the judgement day they will be so far away from the truth and they will be shocked for those who thought that they were some kind of gods but in fact they are not they are ... (( allah )) slevers he created thim ...

so my friend that what you have to know about it

your friend hosam

08:23 PM Mar 13 2009





i like ur write,,:D

10:20 AM Feb 25 2009

Saudi Arabia

you have a great personality ...you should be proud of it and we all loves you

07:39 PM Feb 13 2009

Yvonne baby

   sometimes we may think sometning wrong and keep it in mind until we find the truth.

   all the people in this world who love peace are lovely cause we are family,we live in the same world.but there still someone who love war and cause war......we hate them cause they are so cruel and selfish

   just pray in heart for peace for our only world ......

08:19 PM Feb 11 2009

Scrambled Eggs

Great video......

06:24 AM Jan 24 2009


before   i watched this blog  ,

i had no idea about it!!!!

cuz   i live in a peace,safe life !!!!


 now   i am sad   about  i can't help them

but      i think  that only thing i can say is "u all live in my heart"

and  pray "WORLD PEACE"  

06:48 AM Jan 19 2009

c(^o) cute chubby cup

I LOVE BOTH MUSLIM AND CHRISTIAN. here, this two religion is just the same(we worship in only ONE God).. we learning a good things in our religion! the different is only the way how we received what we've taught in our religion-->either muslim or christian...<--- and the ways we apply it on our daily life!... XC i really, really can guarantee that the one whose declare this war is really going to hell..!! coz they are really bastard... thay made us(one world) felt what they're done.. killing them..THEY'VE NO FAULT BASTARD!!! x(( 

06:29 AM Jan 19 2009

c(^o) cute chubby cup

i love this blog. yep,this is not muslim or christian fault!! but, someone irresponsible and selfish persons out there!:(( they didn't think what's the best for all of us. Yah, they just think to win themself without thinking the bad effects. Plus,all this violence is not Israel peoples fault(yeah, but not all of them!) i know they are sympathize to Palestine too... but, what can they do?? they didn't have power to stop the war,THEY JUST AN ORDINARY PERSONS...(they have to protect themself and theirs beloved one too)... I watched news in the televisions recently... it so awful to saw many innocent peoples get killed!!><... i'm sad coz i can't do anything to stop this violences.!!...ALL WE CAN DO IS JUST PRAYED FOR THEM and support the donation program to help PALESTINE!:((((

08:58 AM Jan 01 2009


thaaaank youuuuuu :)

08:55 AM Jan 01 2009

United States

i'm not muslim but i like to know something about islam. thank u. ur blog helps me alot.

08:40 AM Jan 01 2009



thank u dear friend

we love u too

we love u cus you r you.

u donot have a washed brain i mean u have your independent thoughts.

i wish everyone in the world would become like u  because there r people who dont know what islam is but they critize islam and hate muslims without know ing islam and its way of life.

thanx for your support...

08:35 AM Jan 01 2009


 you're welcome by the way :)

08:33 AM Jan 01 2009


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Thank you for your sympathy with muslims

05:13 AM Dec 29 2008


Iran, Islamic Republic Of



u have a healthy spirit .without any partiality and prejudice. u be come sad with misfortun things and become glad with good thing

this sign of ,u chose ur way very nice


09:01 AM Dec 28 2008

Fatimah del corazon

The main problem is not Islam, is not Christianity and it's not judaism. The main problem is Zionism. And you can read their holy book, u will get shocked. Not  judaism only Zionism. Killing Muslims and Christians is a rule in their book. God bless innocent souls.

09:09 AM Mar 01 2008



wow wow , what a crazy blog !!!!   

                               Wink                          Wink

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