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April 8, 2008

I have written a love letter recently and I like to share it with people who like to read it, improve it or correct mistakes if there are any.

This is the letter:

I am writing this letter after a long thinking to admit that I am in love with you. My dear, you know, it makes me happy and worried at the same time to tell you of my concealed love to you. I could not admit to you at the beginning, but now I find myself unable to hide this enormous amount of emotions towards you. In fact, I would not like to be as a guilty who admits his misdeed because love has never been a sin, for which people are punished. And even if it is, I am prepared to resist its consequences. All what I need from you my love is a compassionate heart that is ready to share me my feelings. As you may know, each young man as well as a young woman has his/her other part somewhere in the world, and I think or rather sure that you are my other part. At last, I hope I won’t miss you after I found you my body, my soul, and the soul of my soul.


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