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My simple life

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Rosana Prado


April 3, 2011


        IF I DIE TOMORROW ...


If I die tomorrow
I will ask only one thing:
That could, even for a moment

Look back.


Certainly, laugh at my innocence
While I was a child.
And then cry,
Suffering terribly

For having lost her


Amuse myself with silly concerns
That plagued my adolescence.
And I'll feel a desire terrifying
To live it again.
To make everything equal,

While different


If I die tomorrow
I'll see that I loved my life
And my family
Much more than I thought.
And I bitterly regret

Not to have shouted it from the rooftops...


I regret so much ...
Of wonderful designs that were never fulfilled.
Rare feelings that were not disclosed.
And all that time spent watching television.
I regret not having gone to the places they wanted,
Of not having tasted all the flavors,
And not to have kissed all the mouths that I wanted.

 If I die tomorrow

I will miss things that seemed so important.
I miss the rain
And the smell left on earth.
I'll miss the noise of the sea,
And the sun.
To miss the sun

And all that I did not see sunsets


I'll miss everything.
Until even I never cared.
And suffer with an immense anguish
I will look with despair
Good things

Of which I will not regret it


So remember all my friends,
And all the people that surprised me.
And also of those that let me down,
And forgive me of that.
And remember the few times that I felt happy
Without any particular reason for that.
And the times that I allowed myself to miss

And I was right.


If I die tomorrow
I will try to find in my life
A philosophical sense
And a poetic beauty.
And succeed.
So let me rest,
And feel the peace we all seek.
And a deep sense of gratitude
Having just experienced.
Like all people,

But not like anyone


If I die tomorrow
I will ask, even though in vain,
To back.
And woe to live intensely,
And do whatever you want.
Knowing use of time
I never knew how to use.
And see everything differently,
With a gentle soul
And a heart much warmer.
That would be like everything in my life.
Would not be very warm, gray or anything.
And that would not have even a minute that was notextremely happy,

And of mindfulness


If I die tomorrow
I will live every moment of my life
In a few moments.
And then then understand everything.
And laugh at myself,
And my hopes,

And of my woes


For me, sleeping on a full wisdom,
And then I'll know
What it all I ever knew.
And what if there were to die tomorrow,
Nothing would change.
Though he knows that life
One day

Really ends... 

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03:38 PM Apr 05 2011

That Guy Owen
United States

you are an extrodinary person and wish you the best check out my blog named new entry it may be my last one on this site and maybe my actual blog as well