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November 23, 2010

I'll be as time changes. i'll treat myself. my boss is really very happy. there is a good son, there is a good wife. he has cause. and i feel! how i can't see through the world!
Yesterday i went to a blind date, and ended in failure. i hate? do not hate! hope my buddy happiness and joy! i'm very tired! allow me through, and today not really! you know? have you know? i'd like to be sold out! be used to be abandoned. feel better. this failure to see Leung uncle and feel very unhappy. no matter how to advance the cause, or pain!

Dude, you'll be happy? i hope you will forget me, i forget you!
Please promise me that! you must be happy! we hope tomorrow morning after getting up, and i were you! i hope you and i merely a nightmare!

November 12, 2010

The i's too bad! and i was fat and the cold war, oh! recently i was criticized me, dad, have just said my brother has a strange, how do i, i should reflect on yourself, knowing that they are very kind to me, but not a good attitude, i need to cool off! now i would like a Arrow , love to hurt people. perhaps because i think the recent see a lot of my business! i am cool off a bit, we can't believe him!

Because that woman in front of me to act, i think i wish my heart, liver help her but she make a fool of me, i think i tried to help, but the fatter and fatter on me! every time i have an elder brother in need of help, he reminded me, but he do the thing too have failed me. well, perhaps because i was so simple!

Learn to put himself, learn to be a good woman, and refueling!

Should learn to reflect on his, since she really is very poor position!

October 7, 2010

I think this year i grew old. i begin from today i'd like to improve the quality of life, "must be living very well, don't let your life is very simple!I'll do my best to the stars! like that!
Diet is now i'm my own, promotion is my goal!His own life and a little!
My life like to highlight just as wonderful as the world!So i come on! her be beautiful! become wise!May i now is not the best, they will change!

change everything