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December 18, 2009

To see the poplar's blog wrote, and my feelings even if the words that Zaihen not forget, I also told her that I was! Perhaps I poison in her confidant of the bar! Poplar, even if one day you forget my friend, I also can not forget you, I am so scary, Payouyitian you really forget me, do you know? Maybe life is like a drama, but I really wanted to you are my one of the film's star, do you know? Remember that it was in my university, I like crying in front of me, I Yehao sad! You know what? I have a lot of things wrong, I ignored the whole year, my friend,
I paid around feeling all to a bad man, and later because of this bad man I lost my self, but I do not blame him, because it was my own dumb, too ignorant! I forgot to pay this one person's feelings! I am back, back to your side, I never let go of your hand, and death do not loose! Poplar, do you know? I really put you in my life as best friend, I hope you happy, you are in front of me is always the most happy.

Rong Chen is also an excellent friend, I recall that we in high school age, Rong Chen cooked her family's peanut packets of two contracted me and poplars, Oh! Rong Chen also her family's Cherry Picker to school, but also gave me and Poplar Gardenia, beautiful! You know what? My favorite gardenia, because I died my mother used to have picked a gardenia tree, beautiful, I like! You know what? I'm looking forward to every year, the season of cherry ripe, because I saw the cherries reminded of my high school, I remember, in the third year of the year, where children, I, poplar,
Gong Jun together in class, eating at home was considered as someone gave me incredible grapefruit, that taste and memory, good taste!

There Zhou Yi, an incredibly narcissistic girl, she was very good, and with her, there is lots to talk about the topic, she innocently's childish, I will never forget, Oh!

Wen Jiao is a balance in my mind on the beauty of beauties, and she is too violent, but she and I are always people who bully others, in the text Jiao high school age, others have called her Altman, because she really a good tough! There is a grapefruit-fei Chen that fun, but also remember that in the freshman year, and we discuss our bedroom at night in their bedroom in a really bad girl, Wuming State is a cipher, a girl go there a back bedroom, they informed us retreat, Oh! In the run, I was grapefruit-fei Chen left on the floor of their burning mosquito coils cool, and Oh! Too funny a! Chen Fei and meet me, pomelo, we must say, Oh! How to do,
Today, I have no appetite for dinner, and then next is not clear that they will inevitably ask why, I wd, and she said, because I saw grapefruit Fei Chen (Lori) of! Then everyone laughed! Oh! Really very happy! There is also a very lady forever girl, that is, Dan, she is a very nice girl! On the last to say that Wu-ming States, she had a nickname called a small woman. Because she is the smallest among us, she is very funny, greedy, her every movement have done a good strong, because I sleep in her bunk beds, each time she move, I would have very clear impression that There she landed jump, hey! Really really a shock all over the bedroom! Oh

My friends, I love you! Oh


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