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November 12, 2010

The i's too bad! and i was fat and the cold war, oh! recently i was criticized me, dad, have just said my brother has a strange, how do i, i should reflect on yourself, knowing that they are very kind to me, but not a good attitude, i need to cool off! now i would like a Arrow , love to hurt people. perhaps because i think the recent see a lot of my business! i am cool off a bit, we can't believe him!

Because that woman in front of me to act, i think i wish my heart, liver help her but she make a fool of me, i think i tried to help, but the fatter and fatter on me! every time i have an elder brother in need of help, he reminded me, but he do the thing too have failed me. well, perhaps because i was so simple!

Learn to put himself, learn to be a good woman, and refueling!

Should learn to reflect on his, since she really is very poor position!

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