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October 5, 2011

I have been learning English since I was junior high school student.

My grades in English was not bad.And I can read and listen some English books or CDs 

In other woers,I can understand some English inputs,but I can't speak and write English at all!!!

When I try to speak English with native speakers or people who can speak English fluently , I always forget  English vocabularys and expressions.

I think I'm afraid that if my English has lots of mistakes,or if native speakers laugh me becouse of my English is so poor.

How dose people who can learn to speak English improve their English.

someone give me  some good advices Please!!

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12:47 PM Oct 07 2011


Russian Federation

More and more practice. You should speak on english as much as you can with somebody. And try to think on english everyday.

02:41 AM Oct 05 2011


I just went though your aticle above ,actuall ,you can writting very well ,and also you can speak well ,as you said before ,you always forgot some vocabulary you want use ,actually ,you have the good foundation ,just less the confidence,so you just don't fear when you are in conversation,you will be speak prefec english in short time,you know ,my suitation is not same as you , i have no good foundation in english ,just indeed studing from one years ago,even though i have been studing englihs from my high school,but you know ,i have never treat it seriously,you know ,i m regreting that i m sleeping in classroom when i was in school,some one tell me ,if you want to speak english fluentely,don't care more about grammer ,just speak ,and open your mouth is enough ,as for me ,just blurting out some useful sentenses everday,although i can not speak englihs well,but i have a lot of confidence, i think eventually i will be speaking english well.above just point of my view,i m not sure it's useful for u or not,because different people need different methods,so just sharing with you for reference.