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October 13, 2009

In winter, the cold will be swept from overwhelming, this year seems especially bad. I thought to escape the South, rainy, less share of the heavy wet feeling depressed, people become optimistic and cheerful and may be offered have not thought of in this winter, experienced winds in Beijing, though long ago heard, can be, I still difficult to by the living. In a windy afternoon, my school bought a large number of underground supermarket of bread, milk, sausages, instant noodles category of food.

When I mention the bag full of food into the dormitory, the roommate jokingly say you want to hibernate ah? ? I was struggling with a smile.
So this winter, I could hide in trepidation dorm room, from the corner behind the curtains watching the sun shining outside. Listening to the wind roar. I think I definitely did not find the courage and it is against the .....
Then a hostel is already a week after the things. Everything is a bit strange. However, winter is still not over ...... ...... I can not escape can not be bright and cheerful laughter .....

October 9, 2009

Is no longer interested in writing logs, and because many emotions are no spoken in recent days things have been trivial commonplace. Has been working to try to complete some long-standing dream of, but still failed, they begin to lonely sad together.
Is not a hard-working people, something only your efforts.
In the preferred favorite bookstore to buy a notebook, there is a white thick paper, there are the leather of the old, yellowed, rough green paper. Is extremely popular. In the above write my mother, single fold of the Japanese teacher, like a woman, the old lady to the irrigation plants, as well as a daily study hall room, the warm sun. Are all good things clean. Quiet and smooth. Is not a simple person, but also to bear a number of varying conclusions.
There are six of the sun, the air clean and moist. Bus stops have to get up early the next person tired of eating breakfast, adsorption milk. Another busy day

11:29 PM Oct 09 2009



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