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November 5, 2007



And so I'm sitting here, doing nothing, although I should be studying like mad.


[I think I just burnt my palate with the tea.]


Oh, what can I do with all of this? It's so irritating, I can't focus on ANYTHING, there's so much to do, so much to memorize and I just CAN'T make my mind work properly.


Besides, I've lost my motivation. Everything seems to be so pointless. The more I learn the more small and stupid I feel. Isn't that funny?... My head should be full of information but there's just emptiness instead. And the weight of world's wisdom is killing me.


Did I mention it's irritating? 

Yeah... I guess I did...


Ahhh... I would like to close my eyes and fly away for a while. Go to a place where I could set my mind free, feel as light as a feather, free as a bird, careless as a child. Think about nothing, just BE, feel the wind, the sun, the nature.

I miss the sun. This autumn is killing me too.


It would be fantastic to control the time, wouldn't it? Stop, rest a little and push 'play' again.


Ahhh... It's hard to live with such an apathy. 



06:00 PM Feb 10 2010



Hello! long time no see.

 Please calm down.

You too consider that.I guess everyone has bothers more or less.

But We don't think disappointing things as can as possible. 

To begin with, You feel a little enjoyment one by one.  

 You can do it.



01:33 PM Nov 05 2007

Hasan ah

Hasan ah

yah lonly that what i mean actuly . but i have alot of freinds but some times u got bored and what make it perfect is just the girl who hears you and share the feelings with you . and i know what u mean we realy need abrake . specialy me . the same rotiene every day and i dont have the time to do any thing more . start school at 7 and finish at 2:20 when i come back home i eat my lunch and change my clothes and go to the Qur'an school for one hour and after that i go to the GYM and come back home study study and then sleep . :'( my only brake is fridays and saturdays . the week ends enjoy your life and keep simle . . . .

01:09 PM Nov 05 2007

Hasan ah

Hasan ah

ahhhhh dear i know your feelings .it happend with me alot :'( . are you in love or missing that boy ??? coz that what i feel when i feel that there is some thing missing in my life .yah and dreaming to have abreak but one thing that i hate the sun alotttttt!!!!!!!!.:P coz i am from Qatar and it is toooo hotttt here always sunny .