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April 25, 2008


I've resumed my tennis playing.   It's an exciting fast game.   I have lots of tennis players-friends from the youngest at 9 years old to 72 years old.   Would you believe that - 72 and still playing tennis regularly.

Every morning at 5, I leave the house, and arrive at our Provincial Sports Complex at 5:15 a.m.   I do my taichi breathing exercise as the sun is rising from the eastern side of the sports complex.  I do my tai chi breathing exercises; followed by Yoga posture and balance, and then, alternately brisk walk and jog the Oval Field 3 times.  Thereafter, I do the warm up exercises before playing tennis.   

 There are 4 lawn tennis courts.   Three are used by the Tennis Club members, and one is used by non-members like me.  There are many young people taking up tennis.  There are two South Koreans taking the tennis lessons.  I finished my tennis lesson last year.  But, I stopped because I don't have my tennis racquet yet.  Only last February when I got my tennis racquet, and thereafter, i resumed my playing, starting from practicing the lessons again with a trainer.   

 So far, I'm doing okay.  And, I'm enjoying tremendously the sports.   And, I played with the regular tennis club members too aside from the new students.   And, most of the time, I play with college students.

 Not many can believe I can still play tennis at 66.   Would you believe that - I'm 66 and now playing tennis?    My doctor advised me to play tennis as an exercise, and not to go pro.   

Has any of you playing tennis, too?   How do you like the sports?   Who is your favorite tennis player?  



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