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September 14, 2009


"Are you running?"   this is the popular jocose words here in my country.  This question is jocularly asked because of the coming 2010 presidential elections.   There are some who already implied their intention to run for the highest national position in the land.

 "Are you running?"   I was asked a week ago.   I answered, "Yes, I am".   But, not in the coming 2010 election.   I am running for the 7 kilometers marathon in support of the "Save and Protect the Biak-na-Bato" - a historical place in my province.  This is a worthy cause I'm supporting.   It is about protecting and saving the historical place from the unscrupulous mining of natural resources of the Biakna-Bato.  

 However, Sunday, September 13 came and I was unable to run.  It rained heavily the night before and early morning of Sunday.  I thought, it's not good to run in the rain!   I might get sick.  

 My purpose for running is for the health benefit and to stay fit.  But, most of all, for fun.  But, it won't be fun to run and get soak in the rain!   Also, the streets are muddy and slippery.   So, I thought, it's not wise to run when it rains heavily.

Actually, I don't run, just jog and brisk walk.  I joined for the fun of it.  Not really to win the race.  And, I lose by default.  I didn't run, that's why. Because of the heavy rain.  






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