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August 15, 2010


 Embarassed  I'm neglectful of my englishbaby blog.  Blog is a good way to practice our writing in English.  But, Iive neglected to come here because I've been too busy with Facebook.   I have little time left to even surf the internet.   Honestly, I missed so many thngs in the internet because of Facebook.   Always,there's new feed from friends and relatives even from my grandchildren.

 It's Sunday evening as I write this.  I still don't have idea what to write except to admit that I am neglectful of my blog here.  My eyes are now heavy and have to quit the computer to get ready to rest for the evening.   But, my gosh, I still want to stay on!  I even want to go to the chat room to meet some friends whom I also neglected to chat with for sometime.  I'm even thinking if they can still remember me.

This site is a good place to find good friends to write to and to chat with at the chat room.   And, I found that we are all English learners.   Each country has its own unique intonation that sometimes you know for sure where they are from.

 The Chinese members are learning English well and fast.  They're quick learners.  And, I just wonder why there are so many Turks chatters at the chat rooms.  Anyway,I enjoy good friendship with many nationalities.

 The weather temperature today here is hot.  Incredibly hot this afternoon as I pressed clothes.  My perspiration is tricling down from my forehead, and even entered my eyes and felt blinded.  Suddenly, there was a light rain, and the temperature somewhat cool down.

 Okay, I think I have to close this now.   I wish I have someone to remind me to come here often and not neglect this blogging anymore.   This is very useful to practice our English writing.   And wish there is an audio room to speak with other members so that our English speaking will hasten.

 Please do send me a comment on this blog.   This is mix-mix or random - I mean no planned idea to write about.  

 And, by the way, can someone tell me how to enlarge the font here?   The font is too small for my aging eyesight.   Thank you.


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