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June 21, 2007

 June 21

Dear Friends,

I just want to tell you to be very careful when you receive a spam and scam letter from alleged "ebaby friends" from Africa.  They wrote to entice you about a purported wealth left without beneficiary and financial investments.  I received so many letters of this kind here in ebaby email box.  They asked for important informations like your real name, mailing and home address, telephone no., fax no. and even credit card. 

So, please be careful.  If you receive such letter, just delete them.  don;t save or keep their letters here in our ebaby email box.  Don't even answer any of their letters.  Completely ignore their letter and delete. 

I hope there is a way to stop these peope entering our ebaby club membership and stop them from writing about their scams offers.

Good day.,


05:00 AM Jan 22 2008


Sri Lanka

Thanks for this information. I also received a note, but this one was supposed to be from a hot young chick who loved to have fun with older guys! Needless to say, I smelt a rat right away.  

November 30, 2006

SmileNovember 30

 It's serendipity when I chanced upon this website.  As I clicked and clicked, I was surprised!  it is here that I found what I'm looking for to improve my english.

I learned from the audio lessons presented here.  I followed the pronounciation.  I took the quizzes and passed all of them.  Then, I found friends.  I now have friends with whom I exchanges snail mails, and exchanging pictures.  I posted in the Forum. The messages of the members were relevant.  And, then, I entered the chat room and joined the members.  There, I found good friends with whom I'm now exchanging snail mails and pictures and postcards

 It's here all that I think will help me in my quest to improve my english particularly oral english.

I serendipitously found this site and never regretted since.

09:46 AM Jan 25 2007


Hello Felice,

It was very nice to read what you wrote. Firstly because I definitely agree on what you say about Ebaby. It is indeed a really good site where just like you I have also learned a lot of new words and idioms that have made my English better. It's important to continue using those words, because as experts say we know more words in our heads than the actual words we produce. Has it happened to you that you know the exact meaning of the word someone used in English but you have never been able to use it?

Your English is fantastic. Where did you learn it?

Well, have a wonderful day!

Greets from Latin America


11:38 PM Dec 24 2006

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

you look so lovely,know ledgable  and kind. i'd like to make friends with you

05:53 AM Dec 02 2006



Dear Felice  Smile

Tha's why I love so much this language, because I had the chance of meeting loving friends like you. Of course Ebaby is a nice site !! Communication is a kind of miracle, communicating in English is a bridge, and the world seems smaller then. Love you !!!