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August 25, 2008

This summer I find a work to be a tutor !It's new and  I find to be a tutor is not an easy thing !I spare no effort to be a good tutor and teach her what I have known!I must teach her well.Yes!I must be an excellent girl!


A few days later,I will be a sophomore !This is the second year I am in the college !And I must study hard to realise my dream!

Go Go!Serene!You can be a great girl and you can do what you want to do!

August 17, 2008

WinkIt is so happy to set up my new blog here.

  First ,I hope the friends I know or don't know can share my happiness!Scond,I will say that:I really love my country and hope foreigners to come to my country to have a sightseeing here!Welcome all of you !

As now the Olympic Games is held in my country !Hope you can take this chance to know of my country and love it !