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April 25, 2009

April 25, 2009 The weather is nice today,plan changed ,we are going to play football,Place is Shanghai Jiaotong University(he is key and famous university in china),we are play football all morning.now I am ache all over,Perhaps i don't exercise for long time, I don't write too much today,and will show more pictures i did today.

This is entrance of university

The University Library long history



These guys are sitting at gate of library to enjoy sunshine ,It is fun!Laughing

Campus  Avenue


Fathers and their children were  Sitting in the lawn to enjoy the sunshine.

They are learing or reading,i like this life style,when i am at liberty,i would like to stay with nature.that 's quite pretty,Bird's song and beautiful melody fly into your ears,your heart and mind is quiet inside at that moment.it is like song:Louis Amstrong 's What a wonderful world.




Chinese phrases on the wall;it mean 务实pragmatic ,求是Seeking Truth ,创新innovation,奋进strive

Newspaper column in campus



Family Outdoor Game:This is mixed marriage, they are enjoying this weekend with each other, filled with happiness, i don't know his wife which country she come from.




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View all entries from Record City Beat >

07:47 AM Apr 26 2009


thank you my friend!  Smile

06:45 AM Apr 26 2009


Oh My God!  Your pictures are so beautiful.  Thank you for share them with me.  I think like you and I would like to enjoy the life doing the same things like in those pictures.  I must travel to your country, some day.