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May 29, 2009

Long time no come here,these photograph I did was on the third of May,this is Taoism temple you can see.the temple is located in pudong area,few people(tourist) know there.because it is among residential area.He has several hundred years history. by chance I found it when I was on the way to Century Park.

I know who he was,关云长,关羽he was great general Guan Yunchang in Three Kingdoms.

The picture on the wall is 12 zodiac(12 symbolic animals associated with a 12 year cycle).The content in the picture tell people destiny in 2009.

The eight tigrams,Tai Chi 

Three Bricks in the corner:Mebay you will feel strange it is just Brick,in fact they hide a lot of secrect ⊙﹏⊙,(there's more to this than meets the eye),we see these phenomenon as “Feng Shui风水If you pay more attention to details,you will find more interesting things.well,I grow up in this nation, but a number of things is fresh to me.

Golden bell:it is made of copper(A big copper coin), comment tell us if you can shoot at center of a target,it will bring good luck to you,i trid twice,finally I got,I must thanks myself playing basketall:-). the next day luck come to me, I bought soft drink,and win a prize in another. Ha

The eight immortals

Sutra Depository,

There are many scriptures in the sutra depository including Long and Civilized History and Culture

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