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January 3, 2010

For long time i don't come here,finished friend party today,now at home,this moment sitting in front of computer.i am enjoying a peaceful night with Bossa Nova music. :)

2009 went quietly away from us,this day of last year i was drawing up yearly plan,i feel as if it happened yesterday,How time flies!
2009 is a very meaningful year to me,experienced sad of failure,joy of success,loneliness of missing my family,and so on... in this year i have learned many new things and grown,also, part of plan isn't completed :(
in the second half of year.i think it is really meaningful to me.explored the real career direction,and start to realize it.Although there are a lot of challenges and difficulties must be faced and taken up on the way to future,but i am still happy!
This year will be a busy year for me.
Make arduous efforts and forge ahead.  :)
Best wish for everyone happy everyday in 2010!

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08:48 PM Jan 03 2010




 I just gave the wrong news ..


Now,    Wishes you Happy New Year :)