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April 24, 2009

Today is friday,Rain,i don't come here about whole week,this week i have many work to do,busy with company's task which design/plan new products.everyday do

the same things,work and study,but i feel time pass so quick,unconsciously friday come to me silently,tonight i plan to go a english corner(this is open-air 

activity),but weather make me fail to go,so I re-intend for schedule,if weather is fine,i will go to play with basketball with my friends in the morning.and we go to

english corner at 18:00 pm.wrote these today.

Oh,another thing i want to mention that photographs i took,Sorry to say It be a little clear,because file size  of picture was reduced by me.Size limits in 1MB

Maximum ,so hope you don't mind that!
have a good day and weekend for friends in engishbaby.com

this time i wll share with friends is some pictures snapped last week!






April 19, 2009

Today is Sunday,a whole day in the rain.Out from the library when finish today learning tasks,the rainfall grew heavier,feel a little alone standing on the

gate. The bad weather affect my moods a little for returning back work tommorrow.

go home after supper



02:59 PM Apr 25 2009


thank you! :)

09:35 AM Apr 24 2009


Russian Federation

I like your photos....)Laughing

April 18, 2009

April 17, 2009

It is welcomed to weekend again,i am here,what is the interesting things i will share today,it is fried

buns(we call guo tie bao),we have it as one kind of breakfast.it is good delicious! fried buns + milk or

soya bean milk will be perfect set.flour,pork or beef,scallion,ginger,flour paste,sesame oil,five-spice

powder,aginomoto,refined salt,vegetable,etc. 

how to make fried buns
first step:make flour into paste,second step:mix all Food materials,third step wrap it in flour paste,fourth

put them into pan and fry,it needs 20 minutes,finally we can enjoy it after waiting impatiently!

here you can see the photograph i took.