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April 19, 2012

    Yoyo, me, my sign here.

    Yoyo is tired, after a day's working on thesis. Concentrate on the majoyEnglish words, it broke me down.Cry

    Stay alone in the dorm, listen to the slight love songs, yoyo addict into the scene created by the singer, can not get out. Why do people have to find a lover at such youthful time. I mean have the chance to meet someone right, this is wonderful, but it is not a necessary thing, right?~

    But the situation here right now just pull me into a strange feeling. People around me, they all have the one, they pretend to share two people's fantastic world and story, I can feel my life is getting away from most of my friends, not actually activities but metally. 

    Yoyo love write something, sorry about myself for writing such sadful things in my first diary here, but this is life. At least, I am happy, I look foward to see next day's life. Wish I can finish my physical thesis early and get out of my room to enjoy the beautiful sunshine here.

   Last, wish every friend have a nice day!