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July 28, 2007

It's my first note, so I think I should say 'hello' to everybody! My name is Kamil. I won't write more about me here, because if you want to know me, just send me a message :)

 The first part of the holiday passed away. To tell the truth, I was doing nothing but relaxing. I didn't go anywhere. Now, even if I want to go somewhere, I see no point in doing this, because of rain. It's raining all the time, and it's quite cold. I'm looking foward to high temperatures and lovely weather.


If you read this, write in comments how your holidays are.

See you! :) 

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01:50 AM Jul 30 2007


Saudi Arabia


i dont know y u looking for the sun

enjoy the rain , its nice

its too hot here in saudi arabia

i wish to have just drops of rain

send us please    loooooool


04:49 PM Jul 28 2007


it is so hot here that i have to stay at my room with cool air.

 but i like this weather.i hate raining days,either!

although it is summer holiday,i have to work with my students.but i really like it hahahaha

i expect to make friends with u.ur article is full of real emotions ,good!