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Love Passage

silver girl 4 u


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December 28, 2007

Today I felt that I must write about my feelings :S It`s not an easy thing and not only because I`m not writing in my mother tongue... (I know that my English is poor)

Ok so let`s start. Every night I fall asleep thinking about my daily problems, friends, dead persons (that`s a little muhahha) n I hope that tomorrow won`t be as nonsensical as the previous  day. Everything is a routine and sometimes I become bored of this life...yea I know I should be glad about the nature, friends, gifts but I`ve found out that all these things are temporary and the most important thing in our lives is to discover our souls and to open them . That`s why I`m trying to do every single day but I always fail. 

Now I know. I`m like all the ppl: a sentimental and dreamy teenager. In vain I try to hide myself. I`m sentimental. I`m ridiculous. In this afternoon I`m sad. And I don`t have no reason to be sad. I shouldn`t be so. I`m looking at two poplars through the window.

I`m melancholic  so I`m stupid. Why am I so weak-minded and without personality? As a proof for my weak will: instead of fighting against this melancholy mood caused by those December clouds I started to write is this notebook ...the lines which will be never read by someone Sealed

06:42 AM Dec 28 2007


Hi Sweet girl

Sory I am not good at pc. ANd also please dont missundertand me. I am male 45 from Turkland. I dont look for a girl friend. I am married and I have 2 daughters. My eldest daughter is like you. she is careles and hyperactive as mind. and than she doesnt succesfull about her exam in school. I read your test and see my daughter in front of me now.

My eldest daughter is very senntimental and melancolic. but she likes writing a diary, like you. but she is social person. she has got lot friend in her school.

By the way, I graduated Communication Faculty and I work as an editor in research institute.


06:34 AM Dec 28 2007


Hi Sweet girl,

August 13, 2007

If I can speak beautifully and can sing like an angel, but don`t love others, I sound like a child banging on a piano or a screeching radio.


If I`m very smart, almost a genius, if I can figure out the hardest math problems and understand sentence diagrams, but don`t love others, I am nothing.


Love will stand in line and wait its turn.

Love looks for the good in others.

Love doesn`t always want what others have, and it doesn`t brag about what it does have.

Love is polite, even the other person is rude.

Love doesn`t always have to be first.

Love doesn`t get angry over the small things, and it doesn`t remember one reason after another to be hurt.

Love isn`t happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth.

Love will always protect others, especially those who are often picked on or teased.

Love always believes the best about others and is steady and true.


Love never gives up. Preaching will stop someday. So will speeches. Knowledge will come to an end. Today we only know part of what there is to know. We can preach and speak only with a small part of understanding, but when perfection comes than what is imperfect will go away. :D 

09:17 PM Nov 29 2007



love is always exist!Tongue out

01:15 AM Nov 17 2007

zhao bo

zhao bo

hi,,can i make friend with u  ??? i found u page is so beautiful ,,can u tell me how to make??  i also want to design my web page ,,,can u help me ???

06:15 PM Oct 05 2007



Hi girl! :) You added me to your friend list. :P I just want to tell you that we are so similar. :) Same music, same colours, etc. I love metal symphonic like Nightwish, Epica, Lacuna Coil, etc.

So. Have a nice day!


Patty. Tongue out


01:00 AM Aug 14 2007



However, love can create a perfect paradise filled with happiness.

June 19, 2007

Take, take this flower in your hand

Don't ask how I'll manage without you

Put it on your heart 

Let it remind you of me 


My white flower

My faraway world 

Come, come back 

Be mine again 


Everything of me is forever 

Yours in this lifetime

Flower from the south, still close to the sea

I'm waiting for you

Still waiting for you 


I love something that is not there anymore

You're just my vision from past time

super song trust me :D