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June 17, 2010

north korea team in 2010 World Cup impressed me!

they are ought to be respected。

north korea high-level football player annual salary of only 144 yuan
(RMB,21 Dollars)
In 2006, a Chinese sports company to provide equipment for the north korea team——each football player set of sport swear。three years later,north korea team played in international tournament still wearing this shirt。When the Brazilian team invited to world-class master of sports to adjusted food,north korea team only eat some rice cakes。
they are even no money to drink a cup of  beer。but, They won the game right before the 2010 World Cup!!(and we are not!)

north korea players to show to the world, perhaps not a brilliant victory, perhaps not  beautiful football acrobatics。Is a shock!is a hearten!they are asked me to shed tears over the years for the first time!

Facing the strong Brazilian team,no one hung back!they use iron will battle to the competition in the last minute,and made a field goal。

north korea! you are best!

by  me ,a chinese.

you can see, the first one is our Chinese's football player. Shit !!!!!!!

and, the
Second one,he is north korea football player.






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06:29 AM Jun 30 2010



Singer: Luan Santana
Music: Here is your place.
Rhythm: Sertanejo