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January 22, 2011

before i was born, god asked me: which difficulty level do u want to play?
i chose hard. then i was born in China.
i was lucky. i didnt choose "very hard"! otherwise i would be born in north korea.
however, from the view of the number of players, "hard" has been chosen the most, compared to other options.
bros, i got a big problem now. i cannot pass the level, which asks me to buy a house. anyone got the cheat code ?


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08:12 AM Mar 12 2011



in china,if you were diligence,you could make  much money .
but If you were a lazy guy,nobody can help you .

many  people say china's wealth is dirty (like dumping)
you must know that .
when  we  produced one wealth and  the capitalist take away how much?
the capitalist give consumer a big gift,but people say china has been dumpinging.

so ! is "hard" level

03:27 AM Jan 23 2011

Marshall Islands

I loved your metaphoric way of describing life. As for your question, there is no cheat code to buy a house Laughing Unless we delve into some pornography or lottery probabilities here... Our generation will live on rents, I already took that for granted. Tangible assets are gaining in value since little or no investment field has been left for the owners of wealth. Check M1 and M2 money supply graphs in the US. It's a clear evidence that money has lost its liquid form, which makes life even more difficult for common working class.

02:50 AM Jan 23 2011



a ha, the joke is laughing,

i am choosed the hard game too, but in the hard game we want to be a best player allright?

so come on, there are lots of ppl playing with u !!!

01:45 AM Jan 23 2011


United States

To get ahead and get a good job, you need to distinguish yourself.  Make people see you.  In China, you can do this by speaking when no one else will speak, and saying what no one else will say.


Of course, you should not do this about everything, China is not North Korea but still...

11:26 PM Jan 22 2011


the words of a 15 yr old girl: " im going to be jobless and marry a rich man"