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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

January 18, 2009

The point is that he has warm hands, I have cold fingers. He is stronger and he can pick me up. Someday he’ll sure understand that nobody better than I exists. He has principles. When he says “I love u”, it seems that he exists. He knows how to install Windows. He knows and even he can explain that when a person is alone, he is a person. He forgives me for my feminism, though I forgive him for nothing. He kisses me, when he cannot stay. He thinks that there is something that I will never understand and therefore I understand everything. He puts his own hands on my knees. He wants to pay for coffee with maniacal insistent, though he has not understood since sometime why. He cries when it is windy. He goes shopping when it’s raining. He remembers things about me which I don’t remember about myself. He doesn’t see reasons for my diet. He is silent when I say stupid things. He knows better than I that he’ll call maybe from other planets or maybe after one hundred years. He’ll go to war if a war happens. He doesn’t pay attention to my bad make-up. He will never learn to unfasten brassieres. He thinks not only about love. In soul’s depth he can sew a button on. He doesn’t discern “Allways” and “Kotex”. He takes me out from strangers' houses, brings me home and covers me with a blanket. He likes my voice. When he goes away I stay. If I think about a last life I think about him. I will not be able to forgive him. He gives the surname for our children. He does things that make me proud. He drives on vacation with me. He is funny…

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03:19 AM Jan 22 2009


United Kingdom

A very beautiful and evocative piece.

11:29 PM Jan 21 2009



Wow! Your words really touched me! It's like reading my own thoughts! Like you're describing my own relationship! So damn true!:) AWESOME! Regards

08:00 AM Jan 20 2009



that are real words of LOVE