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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

January 26, 2009

“There is wind at room...impossible…” Tinsel was shaking on spruce. I have been looking over Christmas tree for 20 minutes. It stayed in the middle of hall. Huge white sphere-decoration…on it I saw reflection of man, I turned round abruptly…nobody. It was windy and sheet put down on my legs: “Sasha, whatever you know it is an illusion”. Arms was shaking therefore sheet put down, but it wasn’t fly to floor and it was dissolved at air. I stayed and looked at floor… I’m afraid to turn round and to look at tree. Nasty voice ringed in my ears: “Sasha, it’s an illusion”. Big window was opened abruptly and an envelope flew in room with gust. I recognized it at once. Tears were shed on my cheeks. On envelope there were exact monograms: “For Father Christmas”. This letter was 30 years old. I opened a familiar envelope. Yes…from my arm: “Dear, Father Christmas, I want to be a happy”…but down from stranger’s arm: “Sasha, whatever you know… it is an illusion”


PS: Father Christmas - Santa Claus in Russia. 


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