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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

August 29, 2009

Probably, if you want to change the world, you must begin from yourself. You must take a detached view and realize WHAT can I do for this world that one will be better? Plant a tree? Smile for a stranger? Does merit the world my attentions and efforts.. this world that is around? This questions is one's without answers. Questions for each of us. Somebody decided this task for themself, but somebody have thought yet. I yet haven't decided.

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05:51 AM Aug 29 2009

sinan ├žeken

Winston Churchill had explained our worlds condition:'A drop of petrol is more important than a drop of blood'

05:18 AM Aug 29 2009



OHHHH, there is a lot to do for us


1. we have to learn to protect our Earth

avoid all wast, keep the earth clean


2. We have to learn to live in peace

avoid wars due to water, oil or whatever ppl need.


3. We have to share , things we have 

like food and water.


4. We have to learn, to be friendly to the ppl next to us. 

I try to realize that things, but when I come to ebaby, very often I see comments, full of agression. We have to say  S T O P P

to members, who are going that way.