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Slavic miracle

Russian Federation

November 28, 2009


Today i'll go to the cinema to watch "Disney's a Christmas Carol". I like a Chiristmas fairytales. This film is movie by Robert Zemeckis! It's a genius director. 

I think that this film is like a his Polar Express. When i firstly watched this movie, i was amazing, how can he pass this mysterious mood and secret ambience!

I anew have believed in a Christmas miracle!

And today i would like to have the same feeling!



There is a excellent graphics!! Super-mega-graphics)) 

You must admit that obviously for what did spend budget of film was obvious! 

Image of general hero so exact, so interestin 3D, the best that i saw.

Plot. When i came out th cinema i had a one thought: there is neatly, without luscious passing the simple truth, and there is so the beautiful and warm end.

And i want to show up so fairy and classic Christmas mood, and spirit of victorian England!

Five of a five! 

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03:47 AM Nov 30 2009



Hi Slovec.

You wrote New year event is more popular in Russia than Christmas..

It is same in Japan.

New year's days, from 1st to 3rd, most of schools and business are closed.

Family members and near relatives get together.

Having meals together, like feast, and exchanging greetings.

And funy thing for foreigners, kids get money from parents, grandparents,

and near relatives.

They are lokking forward to them.

So I am going to have to give them some money.Frown

It is called "Otohidama" in Japan.

You are so young so that you might to able to get it if you come to Japan

around Nwe year....

Just kidding..Laughing

See you.

04:22 AM Nov 29 2009

Slavic miracle
Russian Federation

>>Bur I heard that Christmas in Russia is in January....

>>Is that right?

Yes, it is.  Because, 25 December is day of Catholic Christmas, 7 January is day of Orthodox Christmas.

>>What kind of Christmas likes to be in Russia?

In Russia the more popular winter holiday is a New Year. Christmas is a formal, and generally belivers celebrate it.

>> Is there any special thing?

There are interesting customes, but in modern Russia ones died, it is a very pity =(

03:12 AM Nov 29 2009



Christmas Carol story is popular in japan as well.

Bur I heard that Christmas in Russia is in January....

Is that right?

To tell the truth I visited Moscow last week.

It was the first time for me to get there but I got to love the city.

What kind of Christmas likes to be in Russia?

Is there any special thing?


01:44 AM Nov 29 2009




I really wish, you will enjoy the movie

have a nice weekend !!

best wishes from  Germany