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September 12, 2012

~ A Stirring Moment ~ Smile

Have you ever had one of those days where you wake up with a beam of light across your face and feel convinced that you are going to have yourself a stellar day, no matter what comes your way? That’s exactly how I felt on an early Monday morning- keep in mind it wasn’t a holiday- which means, I had to be at work, which could also mean that my happy-go-lucky mood might get put up against all sort of pesky things once I step outside.

  It was almost eight and so far I was doing well at safekeeping that upbeat attitude I woke up with, neither the fact that I already missed my earlier bus or that I was stuck in traffic rattled me. I sat composedly on the bus, lusting over the idea of meeting my colleagues after my fairly uneventful weekend. I mean; absolute joy was stewing inside of me and I couldn’t wait to allocate some of that feeling with them, however, shortly after I entered the building that proved to be a little difficult to accomplish.

     I didn’t flinch from showing a happy face, but it appeared that I chose to do so at the wrong place and on the wrong Monday. I remembered the snarling and pouting expressions on everybody’s faces I came across. It’s worth noting that I was clearly the odd man out in the place simply because my friend wasn’t in, knowing him he would have been in even merrier mood than I was. It wasn’t long before I –the outcast- got spotted, as everyone seemingly started to vent their anger on me. One would have believed I’d come and robbed them of their jobs or something. My morning greetings to them raised a few eyebrows, earned me some grunts and forged smiles. Not everyone was that responsive however, others expressly looked off into the distance pretending not to hear me at all. Considering that it was Monday those hostilities were at some level, justifiable; but still I thought these people were exaggerating a little bit. Any other day I would have been very frustrated, but I made an unswerving promise to myself that nothing can bring me down. I clearly didn’t get the Monday blues memorandum, but I got the unwritten one that reminds us to help ourselves to a cup a coffee as needed. I headed to the break room where coffee was kept and anticipated perhaps a jovial but certainly a less nerve-racking ambiance.  

     It’s was strangely quiet when I entered the kitchenette area. There was a group huddled around the coffee makers: one pot was brewing, and another was being emptied into eager cups.  Whenever someone was serving himself, there was a fidgeting person behind him swinging bewildered eyes between the pot that was brewing and the one that was in use. I watched as the pot is being passed around like a relay stick, and the ferocity it got yanked from hand to hand was almost a felony, it’s was as if one wanted  to growl “let go off it already! Hurry, my turn now!” The level of animosity in this cramped room was skyrocketing. These guys were all about that high octane coffee; the idea of camaraderie and ethics were just afterthoughts at that time. I waited intendedly but there were no verbal interaction at all, so in attempt to sparkle an element of humanity around, I shouted “Happy Monday everyone”. That failed big time. Everybody turned around to give me a lazy glance over; only one of them gratified me with a numb nod and quickly looked away as to avoid any further contact. “I could have sneezed in their cups and receive friendlier stares, and all I did was greeting them. Like I was supposed to grid my face with frowns and not talk to anyone just because it was a Monday morning and I was at work. It was as if everyone had plotted to snub me that day”- I quickly shrug off that negative thought. Because? - There was simply nothing anyone could do to dent the joyous mood I was in.

      As I stood by the coffee maker I noticed a few things that made me ponder.  First, it struck me as a bit intriguing to watch every single person take out two coffee stirrers to blend whichever condiments that they added to their coffee. Not one! Not three... but two stirrers specifically! -  Another observation I made was that everyone was stirring up their cups clockwise. I found that fascinating, like I had never followed the exact procedures I was contemplating. My deep examination got disrupted by a sudden hiss from the coffeepot and my eyes twinkled in excitement, I poured me one cup very hurriedly as if I was going to use it to put out a fire. The reason behind my eagerness is that I wanted to experience something quite revolutionary in terms of coffee mixing. First I shook sugar into my cup and then I picked up one flimsy coffee mixer and committed myself to blend it counterclockwise. It would have been awkward if there were someone behind me, but I made sure I wasn’t exposing myself to any type of scrutiny or judgment before I carried out this peculiar and deviant experiment.  Although it was longer than it’d normally take me to sweeten if I were using two stirrers, my coffee turned out tasting just the way I wanted.

~I deducted something very significant, a far-fetched eye opener from that day at work. I was able to find some similarities between my controversial coffee stirring experiment and the way I felt and reacted. I want to share my thoughts with you…

 We are wired to conform to some assumed societal conventions, and we never pause and ask ourselves “Why?” or explore other alternatives. For instance stirring my coffee awkwardly with one stick was me exploring another alternative. I got more than a sore wrist from that unusual stirring experiment. I realized it was that same controversial spirit that drove me to react differently than I normally would when I get snubbed at work, I usually would feel a little vexed and that alone would put a damper on the remainder of my day.~

Sometimes it pays to be a little adventurous and daring. No?  (:

Oh! That dandy mood I had that morning I took it home with me, intact! I had no idea as to what I was happy about and where did I found the grit to ignore my coworkers taunting behaviors.

Peace !











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09:15 AM Dec 13 2012




the answer is, A): none of the below.

I'm just a student who's good at guessing the right answers ,  hehe :)

- thanks for your feedback, I appreciate!

04:18 AM Dec 12 2012




by the way, terrific writting style. so you must be a very good thinker, or a good student hihi i guess the first thougt is the right one, the second one is just a side effect from brilliant thinker =)

07:37 AM Sep 13 2012



Wow! Wink

A big Hello to all. First I want to thank you for your time reading the post and another for your kind feedbacks.

Lesya, -I read somewhere that  “if you are bored then you are a boring person” and also that boredom can lead to the biggest breakthrough ideas ;). I’m the kind of person who hates to find myself sigh and say “I’m bored!” or overwhelmed by anger therefore I try my best to give my imagination a nice nudge  and everything around me turns into either a source of information or pure entertainment. I could have turn my coffee cup into a Jacuzzi and dive in it, you’d be surprised where my imaginations take me sometimes :’).

Butta, -I searched laughter yoga on Youtube  because I haven’t of it before and what I found  was very interesting I could do that for a living  :’) “ oh oh hahaha oh oh hahaha”. That was an innovative idea by this doctor. – Butta, same here ,those morning don’t come very often, that’s why when it happens you need to arm yourself with a feisty  and daring attitude to make sure it last. If I didn’t commit myself to be stubbornly happy my blog would have been this short “have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling happy and then you miss your bus and your whole mood changes drastically and you tell yourself “Damn! This is going to be a bad day I can feel it” and you were right?

Mess,   – This event happened a while back, maybe I felt you coming before you even  had the chance to leave ;). Anyhow!, welcome back! It just so happens that I have two freshly brewed cups here with me. How do you like your coffee? Shaken or awkwardly stirred? Cheers!!

Icetimwan-  I have an eventful life  indeed , I make things happen : )

Everyone, Thank you so muuuch for your supports.

you guys have added so much meaning and dimension to this blog.  


06:33 AM Sep 13 2012



You've an interesting life.

04:44 AM Sep 13 2012



You felt me coming home. That's why you felt weirdly happy... So let's celebrate my return now! Laughing

11:59 PM Sep 12 2012



The very first thought that rushed though my mind after reading the heading of your new blog :  Snoop joined a workshop of "Laughter Yoga" :))

But NO! Following your every word, I - like you -was letting thoughts flow to find a reason behind your"Being happy for no reason" As it turns out we indeed sometimes wake up with a big smile on our faces, ready to conquer the world, ready to make the day an amazing one. For me those mornings do come at rare intervals but what I've learned in this Merry-go-round life that every once in a while you have to do something against all reason or expectations..just for keeping your sanity or to feel happy for no reason ;) I just wished there'd be a trickle-down-effect to face this bedlam with a stubbornly happy attitude everyday. It miraculously would make this world a much better place to face Monday mornings or any other days  of the week ;) ..for all of us..as small steps or stirring your coffee opposed to the majority ..it all can lead to something big :))

 There are many levels of awesomeness in this post. Keep it up, snoop..life wasn't ever meant to be dulled at the edges. Sentiments like yours just show there's hope :) Thanks for making me a happy reader..perhaps not for no reason..but stubbornly following you :))) Have an awesome day!!

11:24 PM Sep 12 2012



Who would think that such an insignificant matter like the stirring coffee counterclockwise would be a turning point? : )))))

The friendly staff at work is more important than the good salary because we spend the most  part of the day with that staff. Health and mood are dearer than lots of money in the wallet or(&) in  the bank account.

 I feel sorry for you that you must be surrounded by such coworkers you have just described and I feel sorry for them that they have turned into the parody of human beings. : (

It was unnecessary to make sure you was not exposing yourself “to any type of scrutiny or judgment” before the  experiment. It can’t be considered as deviant, there is nothing strange in it.

 As you said:” be a little adventurous and daring” even in such small but very significant coffee stirring experiments : )

Show to the world not only your stubborn happiness while you are crying with joy  but show bravery to everybody other alternatives even they are full of craziness.

Who said the societal conventions we all follow are right? They are just the elements of ancient tradition which needs to be updated  but who will be the first one to break the rules, to set new experiments?? ;)  Who if not YOU?

 Be always  a Dandy with a dandy mood ! : )))laugh until cry tears