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fly like butterfly

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mary wang

mary wang


August 9, 2007

Tongue out常见英语谚语 Useful English sayings
[ 2005-11-13 21:58:00 | By: Peter S. Timeson ]
The early bird catches the worm. ‘ This tells us that we need to get up early and work hard. If you do this you will be rich and successful. OK. But my question is this: What about the early worm?

‘Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise. ‘ I think this is a way of saying that ‘clean living’ is the best way. I suppose it’s true!

‘The end justifies the means.’ If you have good intentions, then it’s OK to do things you would not normally do. Really?

‘Every man for himself.’ When trouble starts you must take care of yourself. It’s often used in a funny way these days. When you friend needs help you might joke “Sorry, it’s every man for himself, I’m afraid”.

‘Experience is the best teacher.’ We can learn by listening to others, by reading, and so on, but the best way to learn about something is by doing it.

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11:50 PM Aug 10 2007


hi, Marry Wang! You right, good but to some in never agree with you!

The bird wants to get the early worm, the worm wants to see what an early bird is and when the bird gets in trouble with an actual predator, who comes to his aid? the worm. The last scene in fact, where the worm is in the bed, would seem to signify that the bird and worm are now close enough friends to overlook the predator and prey aspect. Great moral story and classic warner brothers animation.

You said that a man  for himself. I can't predict but i give you a choice.

In my view, Everyone Needs to somebody!

In that, if a man for himself and he has no need to others then he may to go to forest and spare H/Her life lonely. H/She can then understand that someone are important to H/Her.


10:47 PM Aug 09 2007

mary wang

mary wang

[ 2005-9-3 10:56:00 | By: Peter S. Timeson ]
Human Body 身体部位名称
head 头
throat 喉咙, 咽喉
armpit hair 腋毛
nipple 乳头
chest 胸部
pit 胸口
navel 肚脐
abdomen 腹部
private parts 阴部
thigh 大腿
neck 脖子
shoulder 肩
back 背
waist 腰
hip 臀部
buttock 屁股
skull 颅骨, 头盖骨
collarbone 锁骨
rib 肋骨
backbone 脊骨, 脊柱
shoulder joint 肩关节
shoulder blade 肩胛骨
breastbone 胸骨
elbow joint 肘关节
pelvis 骨盆
kneecap 膝盖骨
bone 骨
skeleton 骨骼
sinew 腱
muscle 肌肉
joint 关节
blood vessel 血管
vein 静脉
artery 动脉
capillary 毛细血管
nerve 神经
spinal marrow 脊髓
brain 脑
respiration 呼吸
windpipe 气管
lung 肺
heart 心脏
diaphragm 隔膜
exhale 呼出
inhale 呼入
internal organs 内脏
gullet 食管
stomach 胃
liver 肝脏
gall bladder 胆囊
pancreas 胰腺
spleen 脾
duodenum 12指肠
small intestine 小肠
large intestine 大肠
blind gut 盲肠
vermiform appendix 阑尾
rectum 直肠
anus 肛门
bite 咬
chew 咀嚼
knead 揉捏
swallow 咽下
digest 消化
absord 吸收
discharge 排泄
excrement 粪便
kidney 肾脏
bladder 膀胱
penis ***
testicles 睾丸
scroticles 阴囊
urine 尿道
ovary 卵巢
womb 子宫
vagina 阴道

hair 头发
forehead 额
temple 太阳穴
eyebrow 眉毛
eye 眼睛
ear 耳朵
cheek 面颊
nose 鼻子
lip 嘴唇
mouth 口
chin 下巴
bald head 秃头
wrinkles 皱纹
crow's-feet 鱼尾纹
mole 痣
Adam's apple 喉
freckles 雀斑
dimple 酒涡
pimple 粉刺
tooth 牙齿
uvual 小舌
tonsil 扁桃腺
tongue 舌
decayed tooth 龋齿
gum 牙龈
palate 上牙膛
incisors 切齿, 门齿
canine tooth 大齿
premolars 前齿
molars 后牙
denlture 假齿
mustache 小胡子
beard 山羊胡
whiskers 络腮胡
sidebums 鬓角
dark eye 黑眼睛
brow eye 茶色眼睛
blue eye 蓝眼睛
hazel eye 淡褐色眼睛
almond eye 杏仁眼
double eye 双眼皮
upturned nose 朝天鼻
aquiline nose 鹰钩鼻
snub nose 狮子鼻
bulbous nose 球状鼻
Grecian nose 悬胆鼻
Roman nose 鹰鼻
kinky hair 卷缩发
wavy hair 波浪发
straight hair 直发
blond hair 金发

thumb 大拇指
forefinger 食指
middle finger 中指
third finger 无名指
little finger 小指
palm 手掌
ball 拇指腕掌
nail 指甲
half moon 甲晕
fist 拳头
knuckle 指关节
back 手背
wrist 手腕
elbow 肘
armpit 腋下
take 拿在手上
have 拿着
hold 握住
grasp 抓住, 紧握
throw 投掷
carry 搬运
put 摆放
push 推
pull 拉
make 制作
break 打破
catch 抓住
point 指着
scratch 搔
pinch 捻
flip 弹
snap 响指
raise one's hand 举手
wave one's hand 摇手
stretch one's hand 伸手
shake hands with a person 与人握手
clap one's hands 拍手
fold one's arms 交叉双臂

thigh 大腿
knee 膝盖
shank 小腿
calf 小腿肚
foot 脚
instep 脚背
toes 脚趾
ankle 踝
Achilles's tendon 跟腱
heel 脚后跟
sole 脚底
arch 脚掌心
toddel 蹒跚行走
stagger 摇摇晃晃
trudge 步履艰难
walk on tiptoe 蹑足而行
jog 慢跑
dash 猛冲
race 赛跑
parade 游行
jump 跳跃
hop 单脚跳
skip 蹦跳
trip 绊倒
slip 滑跤
fall 跌倒
limp 跛行
crawl 爬行
kneel 跪下
sit cross-legged 盘脚坐
stand on one leg 单脚站立
squat 蹲
chase 追