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Happy is he who is content.

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March 7, 2008

WinkThis paragraph is great :


Dreams really can come true,

but they are most often the result

of hard work, determination, and persistence.

When the end of journey

seems impossiable to reach,

remember that all you need to do

is take one more step.

Stay focused on your goal

and remember......

each small step will bring you

a little closer.

When the road becomes

hard to travel

and it feels as if you'll never

reach the end......

look deep inside your heart

and you will find strength

you never knew you had.

Believe in yourself~

and remember that

I believe you, too.

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02:02 AM Mar 10 2008


thanks : )

10:41 AM Mar 09 2008


United States

beautiful really beautiful the words the way you think its so nice Ilove it
good for you
a smile for youSmile