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May 31, 2008

well hello everybody,how are ya?i believe that we live in a huge and small world in the same hand,where people try to find their beloved one,or friends that make their life better or a better place in their heart!people over the years fight for their rights,peace on earth,health,enviromental care and  education,especially in third world!in my point of view all these are correct and have true ideas about life and the way we live better in this world but what about us?can u fight for ur own rights that will lead to a better world or listen to people who are bubbling all the time about what is right and what isn't?can u believe urself?do u have self-confidence?what is ur ideas about the world,the way we or u livemeven urself?

we can be one,distance isn't a problem

believe in urself

all women and men are the same and equal

care about the others

care about urself!

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09:05 AM May 31 2008



wonderful words,dear shadeblade. .

08:53 AM May 31 2008



you're right :):):)