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what do we have here?

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June 2, 2008

what can i say about hatred,it's all about nothing!countries over the centuries had wars all over the world,1st nation war,2nd nation war and others for economic and politics reasons!people died,traditions of some nations destroyed and yet we can't understand the value of these lifes that past over these years.peace is what we want and don't have actually!economy is the big boss in this world and these times we are in front of a big problem...the problem that had killed many people in new york and in other countries in 1930!we should prepare for the worst now,items are very expensive and our life is being raped,as we have economic problems.beware the problem,as we can fight it from the roots...huh what are the roots of this problem?well we know that one is the problem...politic people that want more and more glory,money and honor!we can be one and fight them back...


respect to life

we can save the world

the world is for US not for THEM

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02:28 AM Jun 03 2008


United States

that is so ture sometimes I wish I can help everyone in this world

I try to do what I can

the more people die the more pain

but if we stick togather and be like one hands we can do anything

if we just believe in our selves


10:14 AM Jun 02 2008


It is impossible not to agree with your points... But the solution is also beyond the grasp of today's "homoeconomicus". If we want to live in humane conditions we all need to work for a common good rather than selfish gain. But nobody produces more just for the sake of the prosperity of other people right? People are rather interested in increasing their material possessions when they push them to be more productive. That's why an alternative way is far from being  practical. On the other hand, taking the level of automation in industry today, it's out of question that all people may earn a very good standart of living by working only a few hours a day. But why should enterpreneur employ unnecessary work force just to make people happy? Suppose that the economy handed over to public property and we put our brilliant project into practice... What's the motivation of further innovation in this new system? Here comes the efficiency debate which socialist/communist ideology suffers most.

Maybe it's timely to consider a system in which public property is the main instrument of economy, this is by no means competitive incentives shall be proposed to tackle a possible efficiency problem. Either way, we have to face greedy big shots first. They wouldn't be willing to watch their priviliges slipping away. At this point, "liberal" system is always prone to evolve into fascist dictatorship.