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keep smiling

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United Arab Emirates

March 26, 2009

In the past the College Governing Council met as usual:: Among the resolutions and recommendations of the Council that there will be a surprise inspection of the girls in the room:: The already formed a committee of inspection and appeared to work:: Of course it was forbidden to search for each college campus to enter::  camera The images and messages of love and other ......

Security has been stable:: The situation is calm, controlled by the:: and the girls accept this with pleasure:: The Committee has the facilities and roam the halls with confidence:: he went out from room and intered to the other room ...the other students opened their bags ::. It was empty except some books and pens and tools necessary for the College over the inspection of all rooms:: is not the only one where it was the site of the event ..

And modern site, what happened???!

Committee entered into this room with confidence as usual:: ask permission to search the students appeared to the inspection handbags ... Was one of the parties to a student sitting room:: The look of the down-Party Inspection Committee:: warm and appointed:: The hand on the bag:: it was as near its high, the role:: I wonder what was hiding inside the bag??? What only a few moments and if the Commission requesting that it be inspected ..she held her bag so goos and said u will not open it ......

The story started!!

Unveiled on scene, then open the bag you, girl:: I looked at the Inspector, a silent:: The included pouch to her chest Hat bag you asked ... Strongly screamed ... no ... no... nobody will see what in my bag ...Committee met this girl::

I wonder what the secret ... What truth???

Started the fight and is interlocked hands .. The bag is still under the astonished eyes of female students has widened:: Lecture and stood hands on her mouth and there was silence in the room :: Oh, my God what is happening and what is that thing inside the bag ..is it really this girl ....... .....!

After deliberations the Committee agreed to take her purse and requesting the Department of the College:: for the resumption of the investigation will go on ... Student entered the headquarters of the Department:: her tears like the rain:: been looking into the eyes of attendees filled the eyes of hatred and anger:: because they insulting her  in public::

 Chairperson of the Committee  calmed the situation calmed down she was poor she said what you hiddin  daughter ..? Here,

in a moment of time:: a moment of difficult:: student opened her purse Oh my God .. What is this??? What do you expect ... ???

He was not in the luggage of any prohibited materials:: or taboos:: mobile phones, or:: or photos::

he was not only the remnants of, , Bread (sandwiches) Yes, that is, who, after requesting a question about this bread She said: "After sighed Maunder the remnants of bread, which, after breakfast the students:: it is one of the half Alsnduch:: or a quarter of:: i collected and broke his fast intercommunication:: me and the rest to my family ...

Yes, to my mother and sisters at home to have lunch and dinner for the family that we are poor:: The destitute:: We do not have one, did not ask one of us:: The reason to stop me from opening the bag so as not embarrassed in front of colleagues in the room .. am sorry for the bad manners Mekn .

In the meantime, everyone exploded in tears::CryCry tears and even long before this distinguished student::

So, my loved ones door charities and relief agencies and the imams of the mosques are open to good people who want to meet the needs of their brothers like these

I swear to God that he was saddened by Chi-esteem and mind ............

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03:21 AM Mar 27 2009


United Arab Emirates

yeah ,actully it is so sad story ....when i read it i felt o sad for her and i like to upload it .maybe coz other ppl here read it ....

may allah be with them ...^^

thnx both for the reply ......

11:42 AM Mar 26 2009

Morning lotus
Russian Federation

Thank U very much 4 your story! It is really so sad Frown , We can only hope, that such situations in the future will mensche!

09:16 AM Mar 26 2009


Saudi Arabia

OMG sis !
she's so poor.Cry
i really feel compassion for that poor little girl..
it's a touching story.
Thanks for writing it down :) :)