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December 24, 2007

Tonight it is Christmas Eve. Maybe someplace will be snowy. I can’t image how beautiful it will be.

I have never seen snow because I always stay in the southern of China.

My roommate went to Macao yesterday. She thought the Christmas feeling is better there. Maybe there will be lots of celebration activities. Hope she has fun.

Me? I will go to gym after work as usual. It is not so like Christmas here.


December 10, 2007

Michael is one of my classmates at college. We didn't talk to each other a lot before, but I knew he had a quiet sedate nature.

He and his lover have gone together for nearly 10 years.  They firstly met at junior middle school. Who knows ten years later, they became couples.

That remind me of one line from "FORREST GUMP": Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.

The whole feast was sweet and warm. What touched me most was when the bride and groom said " I love you very much" in Kejia Dialect. I don't know how to pronounce, but I moved by the way they said it.

Let's drink a toast for the bride and the groom.

01:39 AM Dec 10 2007



hi,nice to meet you here.I red your words.i think your english is good.i admire you.

can we become friends?

my msn is luliguo00@sina.com

best wishes.


December 6, 2007

The Chinese Education Ministry has been ordering colleges to tighten controls on student-run discussion sites recently.  Our school’s BBS informed every user that they must register with their real names when going online after March 28th. In addition, the off-campus users, especially students and faculty from other universities, will have no rights to post on the BBS. The change has caused widespread discussion among students and scholars.

Chang Ping, an editor of " Waitan Pictorial", wrote a critical report to oppose the new policies. He thinks the new measures are blocking communication between students and outsiders. He said, "The colleges shouldn't build a net-wall. To cage the students in a small room cannot be a good education method." One student spoke on condition of anonymity, “ That makes BBS return to ten years ago.”

Li Jin, a graduate student, found he was unauthorized several days ago. He felt hurt. “ I often go to the BBS of my Alma Mater although I am busy in business now. I felt as if I had lost “my spiritual home.” 

Although some people think the new policies are indiscreet and stupid, some students consider them necessary. “I know it is not convenient for the alumni to read or leaving messages. The new measures help to better manage BBS. The real-name policy will force the users to take the responsibility for their words,” Liu jianquan, a web site manger, said.