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November 5, 2006

Tongue out

long time no see!

i come again ,hehe .

as time goes along, i have been in the company for one month, time goes fast, and i am busy everyday, feel enrich, but one day, i make a big mistake on my work, that day  i sent a batch goods to taiwan, but i wrote the rong road number,i never met such problems before ,and i am stil on the shake down period,so i felt very scared, happly, my colleague helped me at that time and told me not be worried , and he gave me courage to solve it by myself.

now i am trying my best to solve it well ,and i hope i can do it well.

after this thing happened, i feel that i am grown up, maybe the sociaty is cruel, i will go on to stand well on it.

come on !!

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05:53 AM Nov 10 2006



I hope you have resolved it well, and Welcome to the real world.

That king of things happend, I work as a computer developer, and on my 10 years of experience I have made many mistakes, some day I erase a Database information. I have to recovery it from old backups but,  I did not recovery all of them.

 Anything you can chat, my email is same as mi login here in English Baby, but in Hotmail.