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Want to go to Germany

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October 9, 2013

Hello everybody!! I'm Emiliano and I'm from Argentina.

The reason because of i start this blog maybe it's a bit difficult to understand. I mean, i'm studying english but i want to go to Germany ^^. Sure you all think "Why doesn't he learn german then?", and the truth is that i already started with german few months ago, but i'm just a begginer at the moment (I'm studying german by myself, it's difficult because i also study english and work, and take much time).

On the other hand, i really want to take the TOEFL next year. Since i'm a young boy, i'm interested in english language, it's one of my passions and i'm studying for it.

The fact is, I was in Germany this year, on month of june/july. I spent a really great time there, sure something i will never forget, I was fascinated about this country. Now, i want to go back, but this time, i want to stay and make my life there. I don't want to do this just for me, also there is a special person and i want to give as a gift.

That's why i'm interested of meeting people (specially from this country,) who can help me in any way (tips i should keep in mind, experiences, how and where i should start, information, contacts, places, in short, everything is useful), but also important, i want to meet friendly people and share good times ^^

Well, i think it's better if I leave something for later ^^ I hope to be able to fulfill my dream, meet lot of nice people, speak much english and make good friends in process.

Have a nice day and enjoy the life.

See you ^^

P.S. I'm also in Skype (sphek22) and facebook (emiliano.centeno.524)  :-)

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04:45 AM Jul 07 2014


Hello dear,you have good profile,i would like us to be friends! here is my ID' favour4andrew@hotmail.com i will also show you some other of my pictures, i'll be waiting for your mail.

10:49 PM Oct 15 2013



Thank you so much :). I'm really working hard for it. Just hope that future wants the same. 

07:27 AM Oct 14 2013



Good luck to you! Different people have different things we can learn and make us feel moved, feel positive etc.. It is a treasure.