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January 26, 2013

    Sometimes, Winter cause me a little bit of deppressive mode.I guess the best reason why I am in that is absolutely related about the condition of the sun. For showing hapiness, Painter generally draw the sun shinning over the sky.It is a wonderful and indescribable joy to be heated by the beams of the sun while sitting on the side of windows.

     Oncely, There was a TV program which shows audience how they were happy with a small thing.Oh, come on, pls dont loook at me as though a man who should have overcame this well-known problem so far.Of course I know we have to be happy even by facing small but pretty nice thing.

      I cant help missing the spring season , being heated by the source of hapiness.I do like winter in order to miss the desired season.To be able to apriciate the green nature and blue sky with full of the sun, I endure my frozen face and, undergo cold weather.In the dark night,I have been waiting for a fresh morning.

     Dont you became aware of this words which totally misguide us.How can we skip this moment and wait for future. Is there any guaranty to live in tomorrow.Moreover,there are million small or big things in the winter we can enjoy.

  I admit ...I miss spring.I know all my words not only make you confuse but also me. Sometimes, I am also not able to understand what I write.That is just what I think now .Finally, I confess ...let us say " carpe diem " and pass this dilemma.


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