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February 8, 2013

  Every beauty wants to be presented to its fans. For this reason,rather than earning money, Painters, musicians,artists are eager to show their art products. They take part in a lot of exhibitions.

    we human being have got two basic sections, which generally manage what we do.One of them is absolutely our brain. We decide all of things by means of our brain.Secondly, we have got the center of our feelings.Our heart prevent us from being as a robot. Could we be such a human if we deleted our thoughts and feelings?

   I sometimes wonder what other gender think and why they behave like this.I do not regard myself as Ahmet Altan who is considered to be the best writer understanding women in my country.Huh,Actually, beside reading some of his novels, I have got my own ideas.For instance, oncely, I asked my friend why you make up.The response was that making up and jewelleries were just for herself,self-esteem.If we ignored chromosomes, maybe, she would be totally all right.

   The cricitic question is to be where should be the center of gravity.we never forget that excessiveness can drift us out of human being.
In history, there are a lot of disastrous events related with merely being a slave of mental thoughs or vice versa.We can thankfully contemplate how it can be true to obey the requires of our feelings or desires coming from creation at all. Without compassion ,love,ethic values and etc, can we beleive ourselves to take a true way? However, without doupt, supressing what we feel can make us physical and spiritual patient.

  The asnwer is to be able to build a blance between heart and brain. It is a diffucult, but at the same time , pure clear way.Moderating our demand and choosing a modest way keep us happy and satisfied. when we remember our old occurances, it will not let us down.I dont know what you do. I am trying to remind myself of finding the middle point between my precious two things. It always needs to refresh this rule at every decisions and attitudes.   


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