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February 13, 2013

   Separation always plays its painful role while time pass. It is wonderful to be able to forget somethings giving us sorrow when we recall them.Eradicating bad and trivial events on the brain must be taken as a medical present.On the other hand,what about the cheerful,enjoyable and positive memories?

   We can easly consume beautiful things.with hectic days in modern life, We only endeavour to satisfy ourselves and fulfill what we need.By making emphasis on a kind of benefit or let us call it such a slippery pragmatism, we resort to organizing our valuable life.Notwithstanding making this bustling life slow down, we pitilessly accelerate it.The more we have got alternative communication machines,the more we are deeply in the anti-social life.

   Right now , I think my sentimental side appear in the face of you. Shortly, What I want to tell is that I miss my old friends even coming from my childhood. I frankly guess you my friend also miss me,let alone the possibility of getting a unilateral feeling,longing for.However, why am I not able to hear anything and read any words from you? İf you find me staying aloof from you, why dont you make any effort and use your willpower on me.You have got a finger that is capable to write and a mouth that is able to tell. It would be an indescribable bliss for me if you let me know you are alive and in health with even one line by writing.

  There is a proverb. It is out of sight and then it is out of heart.Additionally, blaming somebody else is absolutely not a true way.İf we dont keep in contact with anyone, sooner or later we come to the dreadful occurance, forgeting all of beautiful memories between two beloved people.Brothers,sisters and my lovely friends,opprotinity isnt a wrong thing as long as someone doesnt feel to be took advantage.After noticing this problems, we have to find a unifiying way to motivate friendship.For those who is related with english and want it to make pogress,there is no need to find a common interest.

  I will write what I think and feel in english as I have said before. You can find my sutiation in the life among my articles.Pls make sure you are not only one to get any time. It is absolutely not peculiar to you and ones you get in touch with.You know we can give a few minutues a week or even a month.That's simply because It's worth going on this marvellous relation for improving the language and surely in favour of companionship.

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11:37 AM Feb 13 2013

United States

Very good, I like.