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November 13, 2007

     In the dark evening, I have got  a thought about myself . Who am I ?  Is My life becoming more stable than other’s life.This thought took me for a while  in the pessimist mood A genuine problem in question has  been  preoccupied contuniously with a man who try to rescue his own life fading into the mist of time. 
     The uncertanity of my life cant be a result of a deep survey to attain a perfect point.I am not intented to complain the routine life .There are numerous things in our life for gratitude Thanks God, At least I am still alive and getting healty.I had to proclaim my last statements in order to prevent a misconception.I  am only anxious to envision my  possibble future.With getting a sweet breeze coming from my childhood, which meters dream mountain could be  climbed  to reach the rose garden? Feeling frustrated with the life is not my ambition even  I have already got  a number of chance for anticipation.Yes , I ‘ve never lost my hopes even thought the time doesnt stand still , and it also should be took into consideration.It is no use expecting a good news and helps  any longer.I dont need any regret to say ‘ I wish I had done it last year ‘.As to my goals and targets,I am not able to touch some of them in order to be  too far away such as  brighness stars.Needing a solution term is  to put a stop panitences of life, and get rid of old memories, habits and other past traditions. Only free from past burdens, can we take advantage of the present? No lingering in the past , and only keep lessons learned and experiences.I need a solution term to survive many times.Yes, A way is searched for a solution . ‘’  It is to start a change process. ‘’
       Rhytm of life should be kept  by us with synchronize.Because the life change ,and it is changed.   My targets should be evaluated again to make up my mind  about changing the life.I have to overcome my resistance to change one by one.I have been in charge of  many items of my job Thus, keeping out the stress in business life is a key to make some positive changes.Too much seriousness cause more strees in the not only business life but also social life.İf we become aware of our seriousness,  we are going to replace it with fun.I belive that it will be helpful.Explore our feeling, wishes and dreams .Speak with a trusted friend .Be open to new ideas, and try to do new things.Take a help from a professional counselor if it is necessary.
       Whatever u may offer to improve byyourself insted of evoluation, u are wrong.We need some profound changes like eagles.They have to make a hard decison in the midle of its life . Awkward and bad body  must be changed with a diffucult  process .( I hope u know its story) Otherwise, they will be dead  not to change. Changing for someone else is going to be difficult to maintain. You will get more lasting benefits if you’re changing for yourself. Pls do it , before it’s too late.Owing to my change, It's  like a job under construction!!!!!  


October 27, 2007


         I am  so disappointed  with people lately .This frustration never seem to be come to an end. Why do human have to talk about others?Why do people in need of speaking behind someone’s back ? Why do they tend to speak unnecessary things about someone else?      

   Looking at the mirror, I ask  all this questions. After all, I am not a perfect man even if I detest  gossip at all.Once a while,I cant help finding myself on the wrong way.But it is more delicious taste than honey.Isnt it? At the same time ,There is a rule to prevent  this tasteful activity ‘’ Don’t do things that bother you to anothers.  ‘’ I looked up the dictionary to find  this word of correct meaning. It means that speaking  about others and reveal secrets or intimacies.So , No matter what I do, can I persue you to gossip about you with others? If you were a freak person , your respond of this question could be ‘Yes  ‘. Therefore, do what you want to , and begin gossiping about others to permit your own gossip.But You have no clue about the human condition, you will possess no empathy or understanding for the rest of us .

    It seem so diffucult to give up the gossip in the social life. It is also impossibble not to become aware of gossips in daily newspapers and television programs.Owing to many demands from people,they are published on the newspaper’s pages with  higly important knowladges and naked pictures as well.!!!.However reluctant we may read and watch them, some of them are successful to be heard .For instance, dont say me that ‘ I  havent heard last news about Paris hilton and  Bridney Spears’.. Maybe, I can say it ... ))))))))))) 

       For want of something they interested in , some people are liable to gossip as far as I concerned. I mean we have to know how to spent our spare time.On the other words, we cant gossip to get lack of leisure. Let us to stop talking about others and  work on making ourself better .If we stoped gossiping and start working on our values and beliefs , we could be much hapier with our own life..