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January 26, 2013

    Sometimes, Winter cause me a little bit of deppressive mode.I guess the best reason why I am in that is absolutely related about the condition of the sun. For showing hapiness, Painter generally draw the sun shinning over the sky.It is a wonderful and indescribable joy to be heated by the beams of the sun while sitting on the side of windows.

     Oncely, There was a TV program which shows audience how they were happy with a small thing.Oh, come on, pls dont loook at me as though a man who should have overcame this well-known problem so far.Of course I know we have to be happy even by facing small but pretty nice thing.

      I cant help missing the spring season , being heated by the source of hapiness.I do like winter in order to miss the desired season.To be able to apriciate the green nature and blue sky with full of the sun, I endure my frozen face and, undergo cold weather.In the dark night,I have been waiting for a fresh morning.

     Dont you became aware of this words which totally misguide us.How can we skip this moment and wait for future. Is there any guaranty to live in tomorrow.Moreover,there are million small or big things in the winter we can enjoy.

  I admit ...I miss spring.I know all my words not only make you confuse but also me. Sometimes, I am also not able to understand what I write.That is just what I think now .Finally, I confess ...let us say " carpe diem " and pass this dilemma.


January 18, 2013

    Have you ever been refused by someone to make friend.I admit I am one of lucky people to face this brutal event.It took much effort not to weep. You know men never cry out even if we feel disappointed a lot.

     After collecting my senses, I tried to contemplate why I was be rejected. The internet, virtual life is a quite interesting environtment.Everybody has got a different way and style when they include in a site , block and e.tc. I have selected my own way that keep my distance between real life and this virtual life.I think this is not a mask or decieving another else. What I want to do with my way is to protect both sides being my existance and another people for the sake of friendship,love,goodness and whatever you think well. By looking to my page over this site, I think nobady can judge and make some of decision about me.In fact, I dont take my page too serious but my blog. 

    Secondly, we are all intented to make practice and improve our english level by enrolling this site. Besides writing, I like reading another's blogs,thought.Actually,there are a few blogs I never want to miss and look forward to reading.This kind of blogs really give us a lot of grammer and vocabulary knowladges you cant normally find , which writing even by native speaker.Of course , I am not an active member and comment on pages beacuse of my timetable and weak english.However It doesnt show you that I dont read your blog. On the contrary, maybe, I am the best follower for you.

      Huh, Indeed, being declined quite influenced me.I suppose he/she want to get an intellectual surroundings and people as wise as themselselves.Ok, I give up this silly and sarcastic joke.As a good boy, I accept I will be an excellent student in advance.Because  I have learned a lot of noteworthy datas from the blog in ask.Thanks God, I can still read their blog without any consent.Last of all, we are a human with full of mistakes.Leaving aside bad behaviours, I respect all people without bias and never ever mean to offend anyone on purpose.Pls,forgive me what I wrote and hopefully have still a chance.Pls dont ask me what for....

November 20, 2012


    It has been a long time not to write this blog.Being able to write and articulate all of things you have got is wonderful.

   I dont know if someone read what I write. What I know is to miss writing in english. Playing words as if I write a poem or , by being on knee and making eye contact, propose..words and words.Transfering some of whispered love song into alphabet characters..writings and reading all of things as if I live.....

To sum up, I miss it, my love...